What Does a Purolator Oil Filter Do?


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A Purolator oil filter helps safeguard a car's engine by trapping particles and contaminants that could lead to engine wear and damage. As oil flows through the engine, it can pick up metal shavings, dirt, rust and other particles, and the filter traps these contaminants, leaving clean oil behind.

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Most oil filters are designed to trap particles 10 to 20 microns in size. These particles can cause the most damage by getting into crevices between moving parts and causing wear. Smaller particles tend to remain suspended in the oil flow, while larger ones stick against surfaces until they break apart into smaller, more dangerous pieces.

The oil filter on a car should be changed every time the oil is changed. The entire volume of oil in an engine passes through the filter as many as four times for every mile driven, and this traps an enormous amount of debris inside the filter. If left unchanged, the filter can clog, preventing normal oil flow and allowing the engine to go unlubricated. This can lead to catastrophic failure and damage to internal components.

Purolator has three varieties of filter. These include the standard filters, the PureONE high end filters, and a series of filters designed specifically for use with synthetic oils.

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