What Are Some of the Most Purchased Cars in History?


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The most purchased cars in history include the Toyota Corolla, Ford F series, Volkswagen Golf, Volkswagen Beetle and Ford Escort. The Ford Escort has been out of production since 2003.

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Toyota introduced the Corolla in 1966 in Japan and 1968 in the United States, and the car is the best-selling vehicle in history with over 40 million units in sales. As of 2015, Toyota has released 11 generations of the Corolla. The car is economical, reliable and fuel efficient.

The Ford F-series pickups are very popular in America and were the best-selling trucks in the United States for more than two decades. Ford introduced the F-series in 1948 and has sold over 35 million vehicles. Volkswagen introduced the original Beetle in 1938 due to an order by Adolf Hitler for the manufacture of a family car, and redesigned it in the 1990s. The Beetle is one of the oldest vehicles still in production. Volkswagen Golf has a compact look and has sold over 27 million units since its introduction in 1974.

The Ford Escort debuted in 1967 in England as competition for small cars by Renault, Fiat and Volkswagen. It was small and fuel efficient. It had six generations, and its greatest success was in Europe. The Escort's total global sales are over 20 million units.

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