How Do You Purchase Canopies for Pickups?


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To purchase a canopy for a pickup truck, you'll need the year, make, model, type of cab and the bed size. If you are matching the canopy, also known as a topper or a camper shell, to the color of the pickup, you'll need the paint color number. Provide this information to a technician at shops such as Topper World or Ultimate Camper Shells. When the canopy is complete, your truck goes to the appropriate shop for installation.

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As an example, choose 2016 as the year and Ford as the make. That brings up model choices of the F150 or the heavier Super Duty models that include the 250, 350 and 450. Selecting the F150 brings up cab choices of Regular, Super Cab or Super Crew. Regular just has a front seat, Super Cab has additional storage behind that seat, and Super Crew has four doors and can comfortably seat six.

Choosing Regular brings up two bed sizes: a 78.9-inch bed and a 97.6-inch bed. The Super Cab beds are the same size, but on the Super Crew, the bed options are 67.1 inches or 78.9 inches. On the Super Crew, more of the wheelbase is taken up by passenger space. Providing the exact dimensions of your rig ensures that your canopy fits correctly.

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