How Do You Purchase a 150cc Scooter Cheap?


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New Chinese 150cc scooters are available through Internet drop-shippers ranging from $500 to $1,800 depending on the retailer. Inexpensive 150cc scooters may be available at a scooter or motorcycle dealer nearby, or through online motorcycle communities.

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Chinese manufacturers mass-produce scooters and other powersports vehicles to sell to dealers around the world. Some Chinese scooter brand names include TaoTao, Roketa, JonWay, BMS, SSR and Peace. Chinese scooters that can be purchased online are built using a clone of the Honda GY6 engine, which is driven by a continuously variable transmission, or CVT. The combination of the GY6 clone and the automatic CVT belt drive results in a popular combination due to the relative simplicity of maintenance and availability of cheap replacement parts.

When a scooter is purchased online from a drop-shipper it takes anywhere from two to 10 weeks to arrive depending on the destination's distance from the seller. Upon receipt the buyer must contact the seller with the vehicle identification number, or VIN, in order for the seller to ship out the buyer's MCO form, which is required to register a scooter for street use. The buyer is responsible for paying any taxes or fees on the vehicle in his home state as per the state's DMV regulations at the time of registration.

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