How Is a Pull-a-Part Service More Useful Than Going to a Junkyard for Parts?


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Pull-a-part services are usually less expensive than traditional junkyards because customers are not charged for the labor of removing and delivering the part. However, using a pull-a-part service is more time-consuming, and unlike a full-service junkyard, this service requires the use of tools and automotive expertise.

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Most full-service junkyards pull parts from vehicles on demand for pick-up, a service that these junkyards charge additional fees for on top of the cost of the part itself. A pull-a-part service allows customers to pull parts off of salvage cars themselves and only charge for the part itself. Some services may also charge an entrance fee for using the location, but the total price of the fee and parts is usually lower than that of the total price of the same parts from a full-service junkyard.

There are some disadvantages to using pull-a-part services, primarily that a customer must spend the time and effort pulling the part themselves as opposed to simply picking the part up from the junkyard. In addition, many pull-a-part services do not supply tools and also restrict the use of certain power tools. This restriction can make it difficult or impossible to obtain some types of parts. Also, pick-a-part services usually track the types of cars on their lots and not specific parts, so there is no guarantee that the part a customer is looking for is available, even if the right model of vehicle is on the lot.

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