How Do You Properly Install a Fuel Pump?

How Do You Properly Install a Fuel Pump?

In order to properly install a fuel pump, the gas tank must be lowered, lines disconnected and the unit replaced. This procedure relates to most vehicles; however, there are some models, such as the Honda Civic, that utilize an access hatch. The access panel allows the pump to be removed and replaced from a vehicle without the removal of the gas tank.

Use these steps in order to replace a fuel pump on a vehicle.

  1. Raise and secure the vehicle
  2. Raise the vehicle and use jack-stands to support the rear of the vehicle.

  3. Disconnect the fuel return line
  4. Locate the fuel return line and disconnect it from the tank.

  5. Lower the gas tank
  6. First drain the fuel from the gas tank, then loosen the straps that hold it in place. Place another jack under the gas tank, and slowly lower it.

  7. Disconnect the fuel lines
  8. Disconnect the fuel lines from the fuel pump. Also remove the sensor connector.

  9. Remove the old pump
  10. Remove the old pump assembly from the gas tank. This is also a good opportunity to clean out the tank. After cleaning the tank, take the new fuel pump assembly and install it into the gas tank.

  11. Install the gas tank
  12. Reinstall the gas tank into the chassis and reconnect the fuel return line.