How Do You Properly Install Aftermarket Wheel Center Caps?

To properly install aftermarket wheel center caps, first remove the existing hubcap. Position the cap so its bent section curves around the air valve. Align the metal rings on the aftermarket cap with the mounting legs on the wheel. Start at the top of the wheel and, working clockwise, firmly push the rings into the mounting legs.

Some aftermarket wheel center caps come with metal mounting clips, which can be more difficult to install. Gently bend the metal clips to fit them in the wheel's mounting legs. If caps with metal mounting clips appear loose, bend them in the opposite direction so they catch on the outside of the wheel. Re-evaluate the cap's fit if you can pull it off by hand.

Many brands of wheel center caps do not come with the retention ring in place. Fasten it behind the metal clips so it rests against the wheel when the center cap is installed.

Avoid installing plastic aftermarket wheel center caps in cold weather, as they can crack if the temperature is below freezing. Additionally, always install them by hand. If the cap does not fit snugly to the wheel, do not use a rubber hammer to force it to fit. Remove ill-fitting caps before driving.