What Is the Proper Way to Rotate the Tires on Your Car?


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To rotate tires properly, lift the car on one side using a jack, remove the tires on that side, and switch the front tire to the back and the back tire to the front; repeat this process on the other side of the car. To remove the tires, unscrew the hubcaps and the lug nuts. When reattaching the tires, the lug nuts should remain in the same position they were in prior to rotation.

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Before starting the tire rotating process, make sure the car is on a level surface, turn off the engine, and put the parking brake on. If you are not planning to lift the entire car at once, block off the tires of the side that you do not plan to lift to ensure the car does not roll. Before lifting the car with a jack, loosen the lug nuts in the tires using a lug wrench. After lifting the car, remove the lug nuts completely.

Move the tires to their new positions, and screw on the lug nuts by hand first. Then, bring the car to the ground, tighten the lug nuts with the wrench, and screw back on the hubcaps. When reattaching the lug nuts, it is best to tighten the lug nuts that are diagonal to each other first, rather than the ones that are side to side.

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