How Do You Program a Keyless Remote Entry Fob?


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Different vehicle and keyless remote manufacturers have different ways of programming their products. The most common procedure involves inserting the key in the ignition, pressing the power button on and off several times, and pressing one or two buttons for several seconds after the car makes a chime or some other signal. Sometimes, it's necessary to open one of the car doors, remove a fuse or press a specific button in the vehicle to complete the procedure.

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Some keyless remotes cannot be programmed by users at all and must be taken to a dealership or locksmith to be reprogrammed. These include electronic smart key systems found in high-end cars such as Lexus, Porsche and Mercedes Benz.

If your key came with the vehicle, review your owner's manual, as these generally contain step-by-step instructions for the procedure. In case of a lost or stolen owner's manual, visit your car manufacturer's website. Most car brands allow owners to download a PDF file of the owner's manual specific to their vehicles for free. If instructions on programming the keyless entry system are not found in the owner's manual, you can consult your car dealership or visit online forums discussing your vehicle make and model.

If your keyless entry system was purchased separate from the vehicle, consult the instructions that came with the product. It may also help to contact your seller for support or see if helpful tips are available online.

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