How Do You Program a Keyless Entry Transmitter?


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The process of programming a keyless entry remote differs based on the keyless entry system's manufacturer or the year, make and model of the vehicle. In most cases, keyless entry fobs can be programmed by inserting the key in the ignition, switching the power on and off a designated number of times, then pressing a specified button on the remote when the vehicle chimes or otherwise prompts the driver to do so.

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Some variations on the programming process involve pressing a button in the vehicle while turning the key in the ignition, opening a door or removing a fuse. If your keyless entry fob or remote came from the factory for your vehicle, consult the vehicle owner's manual or the dealership's customer service for specific instructions describing how to program the fob. Some manufacturers do not publish keyless entry programming information in the vehicle owner's manual, but the remotes can often still be programmed.

Aftermarket keyless entry systems should explain programming in the accompanying owner's manual, but it is a good idea to confirm this before purchasing an aftermarket keyless entry system. Smart keys that do not have to be inserted in the ignition, such as those that come with late model Mercedes-Benz, Lexus and Porsche vehicles, can be reprogrammed in some instances but usually must be programmed by the dealership.

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