How Do You Program a Keyless Entry Code for a Ford Expedition?


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To program a keyless entry code for a Ford Expedition, first type in the factory code. Before five seconds passes, press the buttons 1 and 2 on the keypad. Type in the desired code, waiting no more than five seconds between each number. The Expedition's doors will lock and unlock; this ensures that the code has been programmed.

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Before programming the keyless entry code, locate the factory security code. It is five digits and usually located with the manual in the glove compartment. Thoroughly read the information about locks and the security system provided by the manufacturer's manual.

Many keyless entry systems offer memory recall. This allows the owner to set a different security code for each driver. To activate this feature, press the buttons 1 and 2 directly after entering the desired five-digit code to store it as Driver 1. To store as Driver 2, press buttons 3 and 4. Confirm the programming by listening for the doors to lock and unlock.

The keyless entry system is located on the driver's side door. It allows a five-digit code to be entered in order to open the door, making keys or key fobs unnecessary. While many owners choose to change the factory code, it is not required. However, if the task is undertaken, it takes only a few minutes.

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