How Do You Program a Car's Keyless Remote Entry System?

To program a car's keyless remote entry system, close all the doors of the vehicle, switch on the dashboard lights using the key, and press Lock on the car's remote for a brief period. Then, switch off the dashboard lights, and repeat the process until the locks make a clunking noise. Again, press Lock, switch off the ignition, take out the car's key, and test the remote for correct programming.

Begin programming a car's keyless remote entry system by getting inside the vehicle and closing all doors, including the trunk.

Now, insert the key in the ignition, and bring it to the On position so that the dashboard lights illuminate. Within a span of five seconds, press Lock on the remote of the vehicle. Keep the button pressed only for one second. Then, bring the car's key to Off so the dashboard lights are switched off.

Repeat this process four times in all. Ensure that every subsequent step is carried out within a span of five seconds of completing the previous one. When the car's key is turned on for the fourth time, the locks should make a clunking noise. This indicates that the keyless entry system is ready for programming. Keep the key in the On position.

When the clunking noise is heard, within a span of five seconds, press Lock on the remote, keep it pressed for one second, and release. Next, switch off the car's ignition, take out the key, get out of the vehicle, and shut all the doors.

Press the remote's buttons to test if it opens the doors and the trunk of the vehicle. Use this process to program a maximum of three separate remotes for the car.