How Do the Professionals Rate Kenda Kenetica Tires?

Professionals rate Kenda Kenetica as reasonably good tires, with SimpleTire, a reputed online tire vendor, giving it a rating of 3 stars out of 5. It states that the tire is built as a comfortable, all-season tire, but it does face some issues.

The SimpleTire team affirms that Kenda Kenetica tires are all-season tires designed with Kenda NMA technology for reduced road noise, enhanced road comfort and excellent wet traction. While they have many such benefits, the team has seen some issues with these tires, as of 2015. Most importantly, they wear out sooner than expected. Although Kenda Kenetica tires ship with a 50,000-mile warranty, better options are available in a similar price range.

The Uniform Tire Quality Grade, or UTQG, ratings ranging between 500/A/B and 360/A/B for different Kenda Kenetica models confirm that these tires have good traction and a decent temperature resistance.