What are some products used for repairing sunroof molding?


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The products needed to repair sunroof molding that's flapping in the wind include adhesive remover, double-stick molding tape and possibly weatherstripping. These can be purchased at any good auto parts store. Some rags, a putty knife and paper tape are necessary for the repair as well.

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To repair sunroof molding, tape off the area around the molding with paper tape to protect it from scratches. Unscrew the sunroof glass, and set it aside; then, pull the original sunroof molding out. Sunroof molding is usually held in place by clips, so it should be easy to pull out with bare hands. If not, use the putty knife to pry the molding away from the roof.

Pull the weatherstrip from the molding, and use the putty knife to remove any excess adhesive from the molding. Use the adhesive remover to remove remaining traces. If you are reusing the old weatherstrip, clean this of excess adhesive as well.

Apply the new double-stick molding tape to the new or cleaned molding. Slowly apply the weatherstrip to the adhesive, stopping from time to time to ensure straightness and symmetry. Press the weatherstrip to the molding firmly to ensure secure attachment. Reattach the molding to the sunroof's edges, return the sunroof glass, and then remove the protective tape.

If the molding itself is damaged, it may be better to replace it instead of repairing it.

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