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RideTech offers suspension systems, including ShockWaves, coilovers, Q-series shocks and polished hot rod shocks, all of which it manufactures in-house. Other suspension devices and components available on the RideTech website include StrongArms, musclebars, bolt-on 4-links and universal 4-links.

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RideTech provides complete suspension packages that suit varying customer budgets and preferences. By offering numerous package levels, RideTech aims to help customers easily gather all the appropriate components for their vehicles.

To choose the right suspension package, a customer should select either air or coil suspension. Air suspension features enhanced ride quality, adjustable ride height and variable spring rate, whereas coilover suspension features pre-engineered spring rates as well as easy installation and adjustment. Next, a person should determine his preferred performance level among three distinct levels. The final step is to choose an application, such as a 1967 to 1969 Camaro or a C1 Corvette.

Based in Indiana, RideTech personnel carry out most of the manufacturing process in the company's facility, from research and development to computer-aided design drawings, prototyping, testing and final assembly. All of the firm's employees own suspension vehicles and participate in the design, production or installation of the suspension systems. RideTech also boasts more than 20 muscle cars, sports trucks and custom vehicles that it uses to showcase and constantly improve the performance of its suspension products.

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