What Are Some Products That Are Offered by Line X?

What Are Some Products That Are Offered by Line X?

Some products offered by Line X include protective bedliners for vehicles, light industrial coating and multipurpose residential spray-on coating. Other products include floor covers and coatings, in addition to military protective coatings.

Line X offers protective bedliners for truck beds and also covers bumpers and panels. Additionally, it provides protective spray-on coating for RVs and camp trailers. The bedliners have high level hardness ratings for their impact resistance and tensile strength. The material used to manufacture Line X bedliners undergoes high pressure preparation to improve its adhesion abilities. Line X surface coatings are applied in places where petroleum products are stored to provide an additional layer of environmental protection.

Line X provides multipurpose coatings for heavy and light commercial industrial surfaces. This can be applied on wood, metal, fiberglass, Styrofoam and aluminium surfaces. These products provide surface protection against harsh environmental conditions, such as saltwater, high humidity and extreme temperature changes. Line X industrial products have an impenetrable composite barrier that makes equipment chemical- and corrosion-resistant.

The company also manufactures home improvement solutions that protect indoor and outdoor equipment from leaks and occasional paintings. Line X sprays can be applied on fences, gates, ponds, basements, foundations and stairs. These products also help to insulate surfaces, reduce noises and create waterproof surfaces.

Line X offers military applications for mitigating blasts, protecting military vehicles, and insulating buildings and submarine decks.