What Products Are Availbale From Princess Auto Tools?


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Princess Auto sells a wide selection of tools, including hammers, wrenches, drivers and measure tapes, as of 2015. It also sells auto repair machinery, such as air compressors, HVAC supplies, power welders and the accompanying supplies for using such devices. Its products function in both home and professional environments.

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Princess Auto sells several distinct sections of products, all of which aid in auto repair tasks. One of its largest inventory components is its tools and safety selection, which contains basic items for working on various types of automobiles such as hand tools and protective gear. The company also carries several different types of machines commonly found in auto body shops for use in completing larger tasks. For example, it sells metal welding tools that enable the user to repair holes in car bodies and affix different exterior and structural components together.

The company began as an auto wrecking company in 1938. In 1942, Harvey Tallman purchased the company and began selling auto parts. Within a decade, he increased his supply of parts and began expanding the business to include multiple locations. Over the following years, multiple locations opened across Canada with an exclusive focus on automotive parts that eventually shifted to supplies and tools. As of 2015, Princess Auto operates both physical stores and an online shop.

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