How Do You Procure McGard Replacement Keys?

How Do You Procure McGard Replacement Keys?

Customers can obtain additional or replacement McGard locks and keys by ordering them online, by contacting their customer service representatives by telephone, or by ordering them by mail. Customers need a major credit card and the identification number from their McGard I.D. Registration card to place orders for replacement keys.

McGard sells lock sets and keys that secure tires, wheels and other items to automobiles, trucks and boats. A McGard I.D. Registration Card accompanies every purchase and identifies the part number, style and pattern of the lock set. Customers should complete and return this card, and McGard maintains the information in their database to help place orders for replacement keys.

Customers can place their order online by visiting and completing the online order form. New customers need to register, and returning customers need to log in with their email address and password to access the form.

As of 2015, customers ordering by phone may call McGard customer service at (800) 444-5847, or (716) 662-8980 if calling from outside the United States, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

To order by mail, customers need to print and complete the order form and indicate the item, its description, their identification number from the I.D. Registration Card, the quantity, price and total, along with their credit card information. The order form indicates where to mail the order.