What Is the Process for Replacing Seats on a Triton Boat?


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Replacing the seats on a Triton boat is a straightforward process that simply requires loosening the mounting screws to remove a seat and retightening them to secure a replacement seat in place. In a Triton TR20, There are four mounting screws to be loosened: three at the bottom and one at the center of the back rest.

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The fourth mounting screw makes a Triton TR20 seat tricky to remove because it is hidden from plain view, and not many boat owners are aware of it. Locating the screw requires looking more closely at the separation between the lower and upper foam. Once this is located, the screw may then be loosened along with the three at the bottom to remove a damaged or defective seat. Use a power drill or a simple screwdriver to do this.

The fourth screw secures the seat onto the boat via a bracket to which the seat hooks onto, so once the screw is removed, lift the seat upward to avoid damaging the bracket and the hook behind the seat. Reverse the entire process for the replacement seat.

The number of screws may vary with other Triton boat models, but the process remains the same.

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