How Do You Process a PennDOT Registration Renewal?

To process a PennDOT vehicle registration renewal online, enter the first eight digits of the vehicle's title number, along with the Pennsylvania license plate. Enter the current odometer reading. Update car insurance information with the insurance company's name and the policy's effective and expiration dates. Use a credit or debit card to pay the required renewal fee of $36 for passenger vehicles, $18 for motorcycles and $10 for vehicles registered to retired individuals. Print and sign a new registration card.

PennDOT vehicle registration renewals can only be processed online if the registration is expiring in fewer than six months. Additionally, the vehicle owner's current address must be on file. To change the owner's current address during the online registration process, a valid Pennsylvania driver's license number is required.

Owners who do not meet the criteria for online registration renewal can renew via mail using the form mailed by PennDOT. Registration can also be renewed in person at a Pennsylvania DMV. The same renewal fees apply. When renewing by mail, payment is accepted in the form of checks or money orders. In person, checks, money orders, and debit or credit cards are accepted. However, the DMV does not take cash payments. All checks should be made payable to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.