What Is the Process for Getting a Title for a Motorcycle?


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If purchasing the motorcycle from a dealer, the dealer obtains the title for the buyer; if buying from a private seller, the major steps to obtain a motorcycle title include proving ownership and completing the Application for Title and Registration form, according to DMV.org. It is a key document the secretary of state's office provides after submitting proof of motorcycle ownership. This proof can be the signed-over title that the seller provides to the buyer after completion of the transaction.

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The process of getting the title for a motorcycle is very simple as long as all the necessary legal documents are available, notes DMV.org. The seller provides the buyer with a temporary title proving the motorcycle ownership after completing the purchase agreement. The motorcycle owner submits this title to the secretary of state's office in the state of purchase. After verifying the information, the office provides the buyer with the Application for Title and Registration Form to complete. The office requires the motorcycle owner to provide original documents, such as the identity card and tax compliance forms.

The motorcycle owner fills in the form and double checks the name and the vehicle identification number, instructs DMV.org. This process is subject to tax depending on the type of the motorcycle and the state of registration. After filling the form and submitting it to the office, it takes a few days to the receive the motorcycle title.

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