What Is the Process of Buying a Car at Auto Lenders?

Purchasing a car at Auto Lenders follows the same format as other dealerships where the consumer picks a vehicle, pays a down payment and fills out a financing application. However, Auto Lenders has a closer relationship with many of its local banks that allows them to negotiate affordable rates for their consumers. The financing form can be filled out online, and located on the Auto Lenders website.

Auto Lenders is a New Jersey-based used car dealership. The company has several locations statewide and is one of the few pre-owned dealerships that allows used car leasing.

Auto Lenders is known for the quality of the vehicles they offer. Each car on their showroom receives a 110-point inspection prior to being showcased, and all are required to have a maximum of one owner.

To complete a purchase at Auto Lenders, use the following instructions.

  1. Search the inventory
  2. The Auto Lenders website has many vehicles showcased online. Browse through and look for any interesting vehicles.

  3. Test drive the car
  4. After finding the wanted vehicles, go to the Auto Lenders store and test drive each one.

  5. Choose the buying option
  6. The vehicle can either be purchased, leased or financed, so choose the option that fits. If financing, fill out the necessary forms and wait for approval.