What Is the Procedure for Programming a General Motors Key Fob?

What Is the Procedure for Programming a General Motors Key Fob?

The procedure for programming a General Motors key fob involves inserting the key into the ignition, inputting the code in and resetting the remotes. The code to enter into programming mode is pressed using the ignition cylinder and door lock console. Each step must be completed within 5 seconds in order for it to take effect on the vehicle.

Prior to completing the reprogramming procedure, ensure that all the controllers are present. If one is missing, the procedure will have to be done again, which will also reset the new key fobs. Use the following procedure to reprogram a key fob on a General Motors vehicle.

  1. Close the doors
  2. Sit inside of the vehicle and close all the doors. Make sure none are open, or the reprogramming sequence will not take effect.

  3. Begin the procedure
  4. Push the key into the ignition switch, then press and hold the door unlock button. Do not let go until completing the next steps.

  5. Complete the ignition switch procedure
  6. Quickly turn the ignition switch on and off two times. Do not turn on the engine.

  7. Release the unlock button
  8. Release the unlock button. The car's locks will then lock and unlock to signify program mode.

  9. Program the key fobs
  10. Take each remote and press the lock and unlock buttons simultaneously. When the doors lock and unlock, the fob is programmed. Repeat this procedure for all available remotes.

  11. Start the engine
  12. Turn the engine on to finish the programming procedure.