What Problems Does the Toyota Avalon Have?


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Common problems with the Toyota Avalon include failure of ignition coils, oil leakages, malfunctioning engine lights, transmission hesitation issues and failures of the steering column. Other problems include air bag defects, noisy drive shafts, faulty catalytic converters and engine problems.

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A worn-out spark plug can lead to problems with the ignition coils. A faulty valve cover gasket and missing oil filler cap can cause oil leakage in the Toyota Avalon. A damaged evaporative emission control system purge control valve, a substandard oxygen sensor, a loose gas cap or a defective mass airflow sensor can cause the check engine light to glow.

Low transmission fluid levels, overfilled transmission fluid, transmission fluid leaks or dirty and oxidized fluid can result in transmission hesitation with the Toyota Avalon. A broken pump, a worn-out belt, inadequate power steering fluid or leaks in the pump can cause power-steering problems. Electrical and wiring issues, poor sensors, inadequate deployment threshold, and lack of internal tethers cause failure of air bags to protect the driver and the passengers.

A worn-out universal joint, slip yoke problems and a worn out support bearing can cause different kinds of noises in the drive shaft. An engine tune-up, a deteriorated spark plug wire, antifreeze entering the exhaust or excess fuel entering the exhaust can cause the catalytic converter to be faulty. Lack of lubrication and excessive overheating can cause engine problems.

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