What Problems Should You Look for When Buying a Used Car Stereo Online?


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The first problem a buyer should look for when shopping for used car stereo systems online is faulty speakers, as these are the sole way the system projects sound into the car. Buyers should also look for problems with the wiring, control panel and mounting hardware.

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Buying a used car stereo system online presents a major issue for buyers because it is difficult to test the system before making a purchase. A good speaker system needs to project sound clearly, without static or outages. Buyers typically test these features in person by having the seller attach the system to a car or other power source and then inspecting the speaker heads directly for creaks or shorts. Since a buyer is not always able to do so with an online purchase, she should ask the seller for a sample recording of the speakers to show that they do in fact work.

Buyers also need to make sure that all the controls for the stereo work properly. In addition to basic items such as the power button and volume knob, the buyer needs to look out for faulty controls for equalization, changing tracks on external audio and radio signal tuners, if available.

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