What Problems Have Been Reported for 2000 Chevy Silverados?


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Some reported problems for 2000 Chevy Silverados include engine failure, defects in transmission, fuel system errors and windshield problems. Other problems include steering failures, lighting defects, AC system failure and brake defects.

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Engine problems in the 2000 Chevy Silverados are caused by a leaking coolant and failure of the manifold gasket. Noises in the engine are caused by faulty pistons and a defective oil pump. Failure of the engine to start is caused by a faulty block heater and a defective battery blanket. This may also cause stalling of the engine when coming to a stop. Windshield problems are caused by a broken window drive cable and failure of the power window.

Transmission problems in the Chevy Silverados are caused by difficulties when shifting gears and loss of reversing abilities. Automatic transmission may delay application of power if starting from a stop. Problems with the second and third gears are caused by a faulty valve body. Fuel system errors result from failure of the fuel pump and a defective fuel sensing unit.

Steering problems are caused by locking of the power steering and popping of the steering column. High-pitch noises from the steering wheel are caused by misalignment of the serpentine belt. AC heater problems are caused by a breaking AC belt, faulty fan or a defective heater. A rusted brake line, failure of the anti-lock brakes and a loose brake pedal causes braking problems in the 2000 Chevy Silverados.

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