What Are Some Problems With the Mitsubishi Eclipse?

The most commonly reported problems with the Mitsubishi Eclipse have to do with the performance of the clutch as well as the rest of the transmission. Other issues involved pulsing from the brake pedal, wheels that easily bend or show damage, and difficulty opening and closing the sunroof.

Compared to other makes and models of cars, several reviewers found that there were fewer complaints about the Eclipse. According to CarComplaints.com, the 2007 model year had the most complaints. However, the most frequently reported problem was the transmission in the 2001 year model. The average mileage at which problems kicked in was 82,333, and the average cost to repair the problem was $1,800.

The 1999 Eclipse had some transmission issues as well, and the average mileage at failure was even lower, at 65,000. Even worse, the remedy was more expensive, with an average replacement cost of $2,500. The clutch was also a problem with that model year, with average failure at 62,000 miles and an average repair cost of $2,000.

Mitsubishi stopped manufacturing the Eclipse model after the 2012 model year. It developed some popularity as a sports coupe because of its styling and powerful engine, particularly at that price point. Mitsubishi designed the Eclipse solely for the American market.