What Problems Do Ford Windstar Transmissions Tend to Develop?


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The most common problems associated with a Ford Windstar include vacuum leaks from the intake area and a knocking noise caused by a broken intake runner. Another common issue with the Ford Windstar is front brake rotors that cause the wheel to shimmy.

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A Ford Windstar owner knows that vacuum leaks from the intake area are causing issues due to the check engine light being on. A diagnostic test must be done to see the fault codes, and the fault codes P0174 or P0171 indicate that this is the issue. In order to correct this leak, a mechanic needs to replace the left valve cover gasket, vacuum line, upper intake gaskets or bolts.

If a Ford Windstar owner notices a knocking noise on the van, it is often caused by a broken intake runner. This noise comes from the upper engine area, and if it occurs, the upper intake clamshell part needs to be replaced.

When the brake rotors are warped, the steering wheel of a Ford Windstar starts to shimmy when the brakes are pressed down. To fix this issue, both the brake pads and rotors must be replaced. The average price of this repair ranges from $300 to $400, and about half of that cost is due to labor.

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