What Are Some Problems With the Diesel Version of the Jeep Liberty?


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Common problems with the diesel version of the Jeep Liberty include check engine light failure, a weak factory torque converter, cracked intercooler hoses, a hard to start engine and the engine running rough. Other problems include diesel knock, lack of power and excess black smoke in the exhaust.

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A defect in the exhaust gas recirculation, a loose gas cap or a faulty oxygen sensor can cause the check engine light to turn on at high mileage. A malfunctioning torque converter clutch solenoid, damaged torque converter seals or faulty needle bearings can result in tranny torque converter problems. When vapor from the crankcase breather system condense in the intercooler piping, it can results in oil leakage from the hose.

Low engine compression, a discharged battery, poor fuel quality, or fuel contamination can cause failure of the diesel engine in the Jeep Liberty. Low fuel pressure, a faulty diesel injector, restriction in the air intake can cause rough idling to occur at lower revolutions per minute. Blocked fuel supply filters, a faulty cam crank sensor or injector wiring harness problems can result in knocking of the diesel engine.

Insufficient fuel supply, presence of air in the fuel supply or a faulty high pressure pump can lead to lack of power in the diesel engine. A defective injector wiring harness, clogged valves, a dirty air cleaner and a faulty cylinder head can cause excess black smoke in the exhaust.

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