What Problems Are Common on Used Jet Boats?


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Owners of a jet boat may experience problems when boating in shallow water because debris stir up and get into the intakes. Debris can also get entangled in weeds or logs while boating in shallow water. The debris can cause damage to the jets and intakes if not removed.

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Another common problem with a jet boat is that it may be difficult to maneuver at slow speeds, and the fast takeoff can feel like a sudden jar to boat occupants. Some jet boat owners also face challenges finding parts or mechanics to repair the boats, as they are not as common as boats with propellers.

As with most speed boats, a jet boat does guzzle fuel significantly due to the fast launch. Cost is also a factor when it comes to insurance coverage because when a boat's speed rate is faster, insurance costs rise. Some insurance companies do not offer customized coverage that boat owners may need for a jet boat. Many boat owners opt to obtain coverage with a boat insurance company to ensure the liability is covered in the event of an accident.

As of 2015, jet boats are not as popular as other boat styles. Therefore, it may be more difficult to sell a jet boat and find interested buyers compared to owners of propeller-powered crafts.

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