What Are Some Problems With the Buick Enclave?


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Common problems with the Buick Enclave include transmission slipping and failure as well as issues with the power steering. General Motors issued a recall for certain models of Enclaves manufactured between 2009 to 2014 due to an issue with their seat belts. The company has also issued recalls for electrical problems. Another recall issued for certain 2008 models was due to a potential failure of the side-impact airbags and seat belt pretensioners to deploy in a crash.

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The Buick Enclave is a full-sized luxury sedan launched in 2007. A total of 34 recalls have been issued, seven of which were for the 2009 model Enclave. For the first year of production, the Enclave was often criticized for a six-speed transmission that was hesitant to downshift. Some models of the 2016 Enclave have received a recall for overheating problems with the windshield wiper motors.

The Enclave was also criticized for being too heavy, with all-wheel-drive models weighing almost 5,000 pounds. The Enclave features seven standard airbags and an optional blind-spot monitoring system. While sales of the Enclave have been strong since its debut, the Enclave is expected to be moved to the large crossover SUV segment after the release of the 2017 model Envision.

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