What Are Some Problems With the 2009 Ford F-150?

As of 2016, reported problems with the 2009 Ford F-150 include defective door handle spring retainers, maladjusted brake stop lamp switches and excessive spark plug gaps that cause ignition coil failure. F-150 owners also report spark plugs ejected from the cylinder heads, and leaking engine oil pan gaskets. Ford recalled the trucks in 2009 for dealers to remove, adjust and reinstall brake stop lamp switches. The automaker issued a recall in 2011 to correct the F-150 door handle problem.

In May 2009, Ford recalled 2009 F-150 trucks because improperly adjusted brake stop lamp switches on certain trucks can delay brake light illumination. Brake light delays are safety issues that heighten accident risk.

Ford announced a recall in January 2011 to remedy the 2009 F-150's defective door handle spring retainer problem. The retainer can break, keeping the door handle from operating properly. If a side impact collision occurs, the door could open inadvertently because the door handle and latch are out of place. The recall allows Ford dealers to inspect and repair loose door handles, and to inspect, repair or replace all interior door handles when enough parts are available.

Some F-150 owners apply dielectric grease on spark plugs to extend their functionality, slowing the premature wear that can lead to ignition coil failure. Replacing the oil pan gasket stops engine oil leaks, and replacing the cylinder head solves the plug ejection problem.