How Do You Find Private Boat Rentals?

How Do You Find Private Boat Rentals?

To find private boat rentals, use an online service to locate boats for hire. Options include, and

To find a private rental boat:

  1. Search on
  2. Boatbound is a website on which boat owners can rent out their boats. To find a boat to rent, enter a location in the search box at the top of the page. This will find nearby boats to rent. To become a renter on, it is necessary to go through a screening process and prove qualifications.

  3. Call
  4. Alternatively, look for inland cruising boats to rent on This service offers Nimble Nomad Trawlers for private charter along the New York State canal system. Call the number on the website to discuss options for renting a Nimble Nomad Trawler, or write an email to the address listed with details of cruising plans.

  5. Search
  6. If a canal trawler or the options on don't suit, try This site finds boats to rent in locations such as Miami, Maine, Cape Cod and San Francisco. The boats available range from sailing yachts, sport fishing boats and event boats to day motor boats. To find a suitable boat, sort through the chart according to the location and kind of boat desired, or click on the suggestions.