How Do You Find the Best Prices for Windshields?


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To find the best prices for windshields, start by locating several windshield repair companies and asking for a quote. Compare the quotes, and choose the lowest one.

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Windshield repair costs vary widely, so shopping around before making a purchase is ideal. Many companies offer online quote options which are more time-efficient than other methods, but you can also call companies or visit them in person. Be sure to research the reputation of each business first. Poorly done repairs cost more in the long run and are usually a safety hazard.

Another way to save money with windshields is to determine whether you really need a new windshield. Many damaged windshields can be repaired, and minor cracks can be fixed at home using a windshield repair kit. Larger cracks are often fixable by a trained technician. However, windshields should be replaced if the crack is longer than 24 inches, since they are too dangerous to fix otherwise.

Many insurance plans cover windshield replacements with few or no out-of-pocket costs for the car owner. Some car owners are hesitant to use insurance for fear of increased premiums, but often windshield repairs do not cause premium hikes. Check with your insurance company before paying for the repair yourself.

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