How Do You Get the Best Prices for Used Pop-up Campers?

Get the best price for a used pop-up camper by making sure it is in proper working condition. No issues should exist with the extensions, and the interior should show no obvious damage or wear. Include multiple high-resolution pictures and a clear description in your online listings.

Properly clean your used pop-up camper and inspect it for issues. Simply removing dirt and debris gives the impression that the camper is a newer model and may also reveal problems that need repairs. Identify any damage to the camper, both inside and outside, and fix as much as possible. Spending a small amount to replace a panel or remove a stain in the upholstery may lead to a significantly higher sale price. Make sure that the pop-up section extends smoothly and that the material is free of holes or tears.

Take several pictures that highlight the pop-up camper's best features. Check other postings on RV and camper classifieds sites to see what features other sellers promote and how they word the descriptions. The body of your ad should be honest about the camper's condition while putting a positive spin on its features. Checking other classifieds sites also helps you gauge the current value of your camper.