How Do Prices From the RockAuto Parts Catalog Compare to Autozone?


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Rockauto prices are less expensive than retail part stores such as Autozone. Because RockAuto is an online auto parts retailer, they do not need to pay for store costs, which allows them to keep all of their prices much lower than their local competition.

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Autozone and other retail part stores prices reflect the cost of managing the storefronts and employees. Another factor that increases their parts cost is the local availability of the components. In some instances, it may be cost-effective to purchase the parts locally available and avoid paying shipping costs.

RockAuto may host items that retain a "wholesaler" label. These items are marked down from their already low prices so they can sell quickly. Unfortunately, because the parts are being sold from RockAuto and not the original distributor these parts are not offered with warranties.

RockAuto also offers incentives for their customers. Once an order is completed and shipped out, users will be added to their subscription list. Every month after their initial purchase, RockAuto will send out discount codes for future purchases. Autozone has a similar incentive program that requires membership. After a user signs up, every five purchases that are made equating over $20 or more, they are rewarded with a $20 gift card.

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