What Makes the Price of a Mercedes Benz Higher Than Other Brands?


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The main factors that make the price of a Mercedes-Benz higher than other brands include safety, innovation and design. Other brands may not have extra safety features or as comfortable of a design, which is why they are generally priced less.

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Mercedes-Benz cars include a pre-safe system that can sense a collision before it occurs. When the feature detects a collision, the car tightens set belts, adjusts restraints and closes all windows. This procedure allows the restraint systems to protect passengers during collisions more effectively. The car also senses stopped traffic ahead, detects driver drowsiness and assists with blind spots and lane keeping.

Various innovations are being developed to create a car for the future, which also raises car buying costs. Mercedes-Benz developed the DICE system that recognizes and uses a driver's hand movements to fulfill the driver's needs. Another innovation in development is the self-driving car, which makes driving safer and easier.

Mercedes-Benz cars are designed to have comfortable and detailed interior spaces. To increase comfort, the cars are engineered to reduce noise during driving. One way noise reduction is accomplished is through the materials used; insulated materials and thick windows absorb and block sound. The exterior of the cars are designed with future styles in mind and give the cars a high-end feel, which in turn, brings up their price point.

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