How Do You Prevent a Transmission Breakdown?


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Transmission breakdown is to a large extent caused by lack of appropriate maintenance. Just like other parts of the vehicle, the transmission system requires regular servicing to keep it in good condition. Good driving habits can also reduce the possibilities of transmission breakdown.

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How Do You Prevent a Transmission Breakdown?
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It is imperative to keep checking the fluid level regularly. The fluid in the transmission provides cooling and lubrication, as well as facilitating the operation of the clutch. If the fluid goes unchecked, it can reduce below the recommended level and end up causing damage to the transmission system. Besides checking the fluid level, it is also necessary to change it as recommended by the manufacturer. Changing the fluid keeps it in good working condition and can extend its life.

Installing an auxiliary cooler can also prevent transmission breakdown. Transmission systems are susceptible to heat and temperatures above 300 F can damage seals and clutches can burn. To get rid of the excess heat, an auxiliary cooler should be installed particularly to vehicles that carry heavy loads. Installing a cooler line filter can also block the entry of metal and dirt particles that contribute to the damage of transmission systems. Lastly, it is advisable to tune engines, which are closely linked to the transmission.

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