How Do You Prepare for a Truck Driving Test?


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Prepare for a truck driving test by studying truck driving regulations, acknowledging some mistakes as acceptable, maintaining a calm demeanor and acting confident. Passing the test is primarily about convincing the examiner that you can handle the job.

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How Do You Prepare for a Truck Driving Test?
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Study and practice driving a truck as often as you can to prepare for the exam, as certain mistakes while driving may result in automatic failure. Such mistakes may include forgetting turn signals, hitting a curb, rolling backwards after accelerating or forgetting to check mirrors before you change lanes.

Some mistakes are inevitable and do not result in automatic failure -- for example, taking wide turns or occasionally missing a gear when shifting. Sometimes, a mild mistake is preferable to a larger one, such as swinging slightly wide when turning in order to avoid a curb. The key is to appear confident by not repeating the same mistakes many times.

Prepare for the exam by practicing a confident demeanor. In addition to measuring your skills as a driver, the CDL examiner measures whether you lose your cool when you make mistakes. Appearing confident in the face of criticism and mistakes helps convince the examiner that you can operate calmly under pressure. Maintaining this confident appearance requires immediately correcting any mistakes made during the test.

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