How Do You Pre-Qualify for a Car at Mason City Ford?

How Do You Pre-Qualify for a Car at Mason City Ford?

To pre-qualify for a car at Mason City Ford, fill out a pre-approval application on the company's website. Mason City Ford works with people with no credit, bad credit or great credit.

Visit the company's webpage and click on the Finance link at the top of the page to begin the pre-qualification process. Click on the Credit Pre-Approval link to begin. If bad credit is a problem, click on the Special Finance button to fill out an application.

  1. Read the information
  2. Choose the application type from either Individual or Joint, and after reading the credit pre-approval policy, click I have read and accepted this policy. Click Continue to the Next Step to continue.

  3. Fill out the form
  4. Fill out information such as name, social security number and bank information. Choose the preferred term of the auto loan and other information such as the down payment and the amount to be financed. Fill in the information honestly and when finished, click Continue to Next Step.

  5. Provide residential and employment information
  6. Fill in the form completely with current and previous employer and residence information. When finished, click Submit Credit Pre-Approval.

  7. See the results
  8. Learn if, and how much, financing is obtainable. For any questions regarding this decision, call 888-792-8533 to speak to Mason's finance team.