How Do You Practice for the Driving Test in Punjab?

In Punjab, individuals have to prepare for two tests to get a driving license: the test of knowledge for earning a learner’s license and the test of driving competence for obtaining the driving license. The Children Traffic Park Driver Test Branch conducts these driving tests.

The test of knowledge is to test whether the applicant is well aware of the road rules and signs. The individual has to prepare with the required theoretical knowledge about driving and should study all the rules of the road, the meaning of road signs and road markings and the traffic signals.

Once the applicant has cleared the test of knowledge, the test branch issues a learner’s license that authorizes the individual to drive in public places with an instructor who holds a valid driving license. During this phase, the learner should display an L mark on the vehicle.

The test of driving competence is essentially a skill test, which is undertaken by the applicants to show that they possess the required driving skill to drive safely in a public place following all the prescribed traffic rules and regulations.

The applicant should practice driving on road for a minimum of 30 days after earning the learner’s license before which one cannot appear for the test of driving competence. In addition, each applicant should attend a lecture on road safety conducted by the test branch. The lecture is about the need for following road safety practices.