What Are Some PPG Automotive Paint Codes?

Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company (PPG) automotive paint codes can be found online and are organized according to manufacturer code and brand code. For example, DBN, 918328 are the manufacture and brand codes for solid blue paint; PYC JYC, 927563 are sample codes for metallic orange paint; and LP M7280A, 931512 are sample codes for metallic yellow paint. On PPGPAINTIT.com, PPG codes can be matched with compatible vehicles based on the vehicle year and manufacturer.

To choose specific PPG codes (colors) on the PPGPAINTIT.com homepage, select the vehicle year. Next, select additional filters, such as manufacturer, model, color family (ranging from beige to maroon to multi-color) and the option of solid, multi-tone or metallic paint finishes. After selecting filters, an interactive grid of all available colors display on the screen, and clicking each color gives additional information, such as the PPG manufacture codes and brand codes.

According to PPGPAINTIT.com's 2013 automotive color trend data, the most popular color family for vehicles is white (sample codes LB9A 940527, or W37 907555).

PPG Industries is a global supplier of paint, chemicals, optical products, glass and fiberglass. The company was founded in 1883 by American industrialist John Baptiste Ford. As of 2015, the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based company operates in 70 countries worldwide, and sales in 2013 reached $15.1 billion.