How Do You Know If Your Power Steering Pump Has Gone Bad?

When the power steering pump has gone bad or is malfunctioning, it is noticeably difficult to turn the wheel. There might also be a high-pitched noise when the wheel is turned. Before purchasing a new pump, make sure that another part is not causing a problem with the power steering.

A certain amount of pressure is required for the power steering pump to distribute fluid. When a car is idling, less pressure is needed to distribute fluid, but when a car has been running for a long period of time, high amounts of pressure are required. The pressure relief valve is located close to the power steering pump and regulates the amount of pressure within the pump. If the relief valve is malfunctioning, the power steering does not work correctly.

Another part that makes the power steering pump appear to be bad is the torsion bar. This part equalizes the torque that is applied to the power steering system when the wheel of a car is turned. If the torsion bar is not working correctly, it is difficult to turn the wheel, which is also a sign of a faulty power steering pump.

Ultimately, it is best to have the car examined before purchasing a new part, since the power steering pump is part of a closely connected system. Isolate the specific problem first to avoid costly and unnecessary repairs.