What Are Potential Risks Associated With Used Motor Homes?


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Potential risks associated with used motor homes include high repair costs in case of water damage and the uncertainty of finding replacement parts. When buyers purchase their motor homes from sellers who source them from auctions, they risk purchasing broken down, hard-to-repair vehicles at an unreasonable price.

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Water leaks cause molding and floor damage, which is costly to repair and harmful to the motor home owner’s health. The plumbing on a used motor home may include burst pipes, which cause leakages. Another risk involves the motor home’s mileage. A recreational vehicle with a low mileage may be an indication of a problem-prone vehicle or one with driving difficulties. Servicing an unused motor home often involves replacing parts such as tires and fuel pumps, which are costly.

Motor homes parts, such as trim pieces, bumpers or doors, for used or aging motor homes may be unavailable in case a manufacturer closes shop or stops making the parts, which poses a challenge for finding replacement parts. Water leaks also damage electrical wiring, which makes the motor home unsafe. Some sellers purchase recreational vehicles at auctions and place them in lots for sale. Because these are unconsigned vehicles, they may feature defects that trouble eventual buyers.

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