Is It Possible to Buy Used Ambulances?


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It is possible to buy a used ambulance from any number of online or offline sources, including FentonFire.com and AmbulanceTrader.com. However, depending on the location, municipalities may have regulations on licensing to drive the ambulance or on how the owner may operate the vehicle.

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Owners most frequently sell used ambulances to other emergency services. However, they occasionally sell to private or commercial owners for non-emergency services, such as advertising a local company or carrying home remodeling equipment.

If a private or commercial buyer acquires a used ambulance, he must take measures to ensure that individuals do not mistake the ambulance for an active medical emergency vehicle. In Oregon, owners who are not part of a licensed ambulance service are responsible for removing the vehicle's emergency decals. Similarly, in Texas, owners of decommissioned ambulances are not allowed to run the emergency lights or sirens. Failure to regard these rules can result in prosecution.

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