What Are Some Positive and Negative Aspects of the GEM E825?


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Some positive aspects of the GEM E825 are that it is electric-powered, sturdy and easy to steer. Some negatives are that its maximum speed is around 25 miles per hour, it has no airbags or doors and has a distance range of only 25 to 30 miles.

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A Car And Driver review from 2000 says the GEM E825 is a niche vehicle that is only useful for going around neighborhoods. While the vehicle has basic equipment like headlights, stoplights, turn signals, mirrors and seatbelts, it does not have airbags, doors, nor is it subject to crash testing. Because the vehicle's maximum speed is limited, it may not be usable on roads where speed limits are higher than 35 miles per hour. The vehicle went from zero to 25 miles per hour in 5.6 seconds in a test run.

The vehicle is about the height of a minivan with a 69.5-inch height. It is easy to steer and does not have a jerky acceleration. However, users driving the vehicle hear the gear train and noises of the vehicle's tires riding over road debris as the result of the vehicle not having doors. The GEM requires at least six to eight hours, possibly 10 to 12 hours, to fully recharge after its batteries are drained.

An additional positive of the vehicle is that it has a turf switch, allowing it to reduce power to avoid wheel spin on wet grass. It also has a removable rack that allows it to hold two sets of golf clubs. These features allow the vehicle to double as a golf cart. There are two-passenger and four-passenger versions of the GEM.

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