What Are Some Portable Car Wash Machines?


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The Caraid 9901 12-volt Portable Car Pressure Washer, the AR Blue Clean AR383 electric pressure washer, and the Detail King SPX3000 electric pressure washer are all examples of portable car wash machines. The features and performance levels of portable machines may differ from model to model, but many feature a high-capacity water pump, adjustable settings and a water reservoir.

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The Caraid 9901n series machine weights 11 pounds and can be powered by either a portable rechargeable battery, a standard home 12-volt outlet, or a vehicle's onboard cigarette lighter. This machine has a maximum output of 130 pounds per square inch and is able to carry more than 8 gallons of water in an on-board reservoir. The AR Blue Clean AR383 utilizes a three-axial piston pump to achieve 1,900 psi output and is 80 percent more water-efficient than a standard garden hose.

The Detail King SPX3000 electric pressure washer produces 2,030 PSI of water pressure at a flow rate of 1.76 gallons per minute and features dual removable detergent tanks. This machine features five different nozzle attachments to handle a variety of different cleaning tasks. The SPX3000 model carwash machine weighs 32 pounds and is available with a two-year manufacturers warranty.

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