Is Porsche of Beachwood a Good Place to Buy a Car?

Based on Yelp! and Google reviews, the average rating of Porsche of Beachwood is 4.6 out of five stars, indicating that the dealership is a good place to buy a car. Of the many Google reviews, the overall consensus is that this dealership is helpful and easy to work with.

As of September 2015, most of the Google reviews received positive comments from the store's owner thanking them for writing the review and even describing some of their experiences with the customer. However, there are a few negative comments, some of which were reversed after the owner directly contacted the customer to make things right. Contrary to the direct communication and praises on Google and Yelp! reviews, has only one review on it, and it's a negative one stating that the dealer is not interested in the customer's satisfaction at all.