What Are Some Popular Vehicles to Tow Behind a Motorhome?


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Chrysler’s Jeep and Ram trucks are some popular vehicles to flat tow behind a motorhome. In the past, any vehicle with a manual transmission was considered a good option for towing without a trailer. However, as of 2015, many manufacturers do not recommend flat towing their vehicles.

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Toyota, Scion and Lexus vehicles with automatic transmissions are not suitable for towing behind an RV. The company installs different models of manual transmissions in its vehicles, and it recommends against towing vehicles with certain transmissions. It indicates that some of its manual transmissions require operation with the motor running, ensuring proper lubrication. The Ford Escape was a popular dingy vehicle for many years, but Ford stopped recommending it for on-the-ground towing beginning with the 2013 model year.

Most newer vehicles also include steering locks. In order to tow these vehicles, the owner must leave the key in the unlock position, allowing the wheels to turn to the left and right as the car moves down the road.

With a tow dolly or trailer, RV owners increase the number of vehicles that are appropriate for towing. By lifting the dive wheels off the road so they do not turn while towing, the owner prevents damage to the transmission. These options make it possible to tow vehicles with automatic transmissions and others the manufacturer does not recommend for flat towing.

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