What Are Some Popular Uses for Pickup Truck Beds?


Primary uses of pickup truck beds center on recreational hauling and functional transport of lumber and other supplies. Shorter beds are efficient for long-hauling of basic cargo and supplies, while longer beds are often designed specifically to accommodate moving of plywood and other large lumber, according to AutoTrader.com.

One use for a pickup truck is moving goods from the store where they are purchased to a home or business. People often use trucks to move appliances, furniture, equipment and tools, explains Consumer Reports. For recreational activities, people with ample truck bed space can haul a motorcycle or snow equipment to a particular destination. Pickup beds are also good for hauling materials and debris from home or work to drop-off locations. A farmer or rancher might haul manure for instance. Wood chips used for mulching and yard waste are other common materials a person might haul away in a truck bed.

Professionals and do-it-yourself enthusiasts often rely on a longer truck bed to haul all of the materials used in construction projects, reports AutoTrader.com. In addition to plywood, people can hold large sheets of drywall and large quantities of basic wood lumber in a large truck bed. Bed liners are sometimes used to prevent or minimize scratching and wear.